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Trading Volatility's Stocks+ site provides access to our full suite of interactive charts, data, and automated email notifications for tracking Gamma Exposure, Option Skew, Max Pain, and Dark Pool buying activity to bring you unique insight into the price movement of stocks and options.

Below is an outline of features available with our subscription plans:


Gamma Exposure (GEX)

GEX Dashboard
Summary of current gamma exposure across optionable stocks and indexes.
GEX Charts
Details on gamma at each strike level.
Tracking of historic GEX values.
Download GEX Data
Download stocks' GEX related data for use in Excel.
Email Notifications
Receive daily summary of GEX changes and GEX leaderboard.

Option Skew Data

Skew Dashboard
Ranking of stocks by highest / lowest implied volatility and strength of call and put activity.
Skew Charts
View stocks' skew for implied volatility at each strike.
Historic implied volatility values.
Trend of Call-Put Delta Spread.
Trend of Put/Call Ratios (volume & open interest).
Download Skew Data
Download stocks' skew related data for use in Excel.
Email Notifications
Receive daily summary of skew changes and Skew leaderboard.

Max Pain Data

Max Pain Data
View stocks' Open Interest at each option strike.
View Max Pain as derived from sum of option open interest.
Download Max Pain Data
Download stocks' Max Pain data for use in Excel.

Dark Pool Data

Dark Pool Dashboard
Ranking of stocks by highest / lowest buying activity in Dark Pool exchanges.
Dark Pool Charts
Current and historic values of Dark Pool buying activity.
Download Dark Pool Data
Download stocks' Dark Pool data for use in Excel.
Email Notifications
Receive daily summary of changes to Dark Pool buying activity and leaderboard.

Custom Watchlist

Personalized Dashboard
Customizable list of 40 stocks on your personal dashboard and daily email summary.

Application Programming Interface

API Access to Data
Use our API to retrieve our data for programming your own bots and alerts.

One-time payment for access.
Each day expires at 11:59pm ET 

Number of Days

Billed Monthly; Renews until cancelled 3

Billed Quarterly; Renews until cancelled 3


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